7 Things You Should Know About Engagement Photos

We understand that it is difficult to prepare for engagement photos. Many people have never had professional photos done. Many people are shy, and hate being photographed (I’m talking to you Mr. Groom), but having this opportunity is very beneficial, and should be at the top of your list when booking a Wedding Photographer. lt is also a great opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know one another, and to get more comfortable with each other. One less stress on your wedding day. Here are some tips from our most frequently asked questions to help you prepare.

Engagement Photo Session at Dominion Arboretum

1. Yes. You DO need engagement photos (even if you don’t think you want them) 

Engagement photos serve many purposes. The photos are often used on social media or save the date post-cards to announce your engagement to the world!

They also serve as an opportunity to ‘test-drive’ your photographer, to make sure that this is a person that you are going to be comfortable with. After all, photographers are the only vendor that you will spend the ENTIRE DAY with on the most important day of your life. Don’t you want someone you know you are already totally comfortable with?

In fact, we think this step is so important that if after your engagement session you decide that we truly are not the photographers for you, you are free to cancel your date with us with our money back guarantee. What have you got to lose?

Engaged couple in a snowy field

2. Engagement photos are not expensive.

In fact, at Avalon Wedding Photography your engagement photos are included with all of our packages for no additional charge. If your photographer is not offering this ask yourself “why aren’t they?” Are they looking out for your best interest?

Engaged Couple Sitting and laughing

3. The location of your engagement photos is a personal choice.

Don’t rely on your photographer to select your location for you. Although we are very happy to make suggestions, you need to find a location that is important to you. It should be someplace that has meaning to you, someplace where you feel loved. How do you spend your free time? Do you want to go to that place or incorporate that theme into your photos? Where did you have your first date? It’s totally up to you.

Engagement Shoot Downtown Ottawa

4. Tell us your story. 

Where was your first date? How did you get together? How did he propose? Talking about these things puts you in a romantic frame of mind. It sets the mood for the shoot, helps you relax and helps us get to know you better! Plus, we love hearing your stories!

Couple kissing behind an orange maple leaf

5. What will you wear?

This could be a whole other blog post, but here is a few quick tips.

While you both should match, you should not look like you play on the same team together. You should both dress casual OR formal, not a mix of both. Solid colours usually work best. Avoid patterns, plaids or florals. Be mindful of unnecessary distractions, such as watches, pinky rings or busy earrings. The focus should be on you, not your clothes or accessories. Simple and minimal works best.

Engaged couple kissing in front of the Peace tower at Parliment Hill Ottawa

6. Trial run for your other vendors! 

This is a great opportunity to do a trial run for your hair and makeup. Not that it is necessary, but many hair and makeup professionals will give you a trial run if you have booked your wedding day with them. It’s also a great opportunity to get your nails done for all the close-ups of that gorgeous ring! (Like you needed an excuse to get your nails done!)

Engaged couple sitting on a blanket reading a book together

7. Props for your engagement photos.

Props help to tell your story. Maybe he was a football player and you were a cheerleader when you met. Bring a football to a beach shoot. Or maybe you both love to read. Bring a few books and a blanket to lay on and read. There is no limit! You don’t have to bring anything, but you can bring anything that shows off your personalities and makes you a couple.

Engaged couple hugging with a basket of apples

Engagement sessions are a fun and relaxing practice session for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and more comfortable with your photographer. It is a risk free way for you to get an idea of how your vendors will be there for you on your wedding day.

If you have any questions about engagement sessions, we would love to help you! You can contact us here, or click below to book a consultation with us. 

We want to learn more!

Hope to hear from you soon! 

Guylaine and Gord 
Avalon Wedding Photography 

February 20, 2021

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